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Fan air jet loom series
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Fan air jet loom series


Main features:

1. Fan type air-jet loom for gauze is designed with let off, take-up, side support and other mechanisms to adapt to the manufacturing of thin weft and dense weft.

2. According to the user's requirements, the middle opening mechanism can be configured to realize multiple weaving.

3. According to the user's requirements, it can be equipped with large package outside the machine.

4. The opening type is generally crank opening.

Reasons for recommendation:

1. High efficiency and energy saving, strong variety adaptability;

Technical parameters:

1. Nominal reed width: 150170190210230280300320340360

2. Effective gate width: 0 ~ - 500mm (standard configuration); 0 ~ - 800mm (optional configuration)

3. Number of nozzles: double spray, four spray and six spray

2. Opening mode: flat opening, cam opening, dobby opening, jacquard opening

3. Beating up mode: four link beating up, six link beating up (optional)

4. Diameter of pan head: ∮ 800mm, ∮ 1000mm (optional)

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