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Aj9700 series water jet loom
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Aj9700 series water jet loom


Main features:

1. the short moving range weft is used to adapt to high speed weaving and reduce the damage of reed to fabric;
2. it is helpful to shorten the length of fabric from the fabric mouth to the coiling leather roller, reduce the rebound, and improve the stability of the fabric mouth;
3. integral wall panel, the rack is equipped with longitudinal support to improve the stability of the frame;
4. eccentric shaft structure is adopted to reduce beating vibration
5. 1-4 color crank opening or crank 6 connecting rod configuration;
6. stable back beam tension structure is negative loose;

High productivity

Always regard high speed performance as the basic mission of water jet loom. "Aj9700" through the strong frame structure, integrated wallboard design, more stable weft insertion performance, reasonable opening and beating up mechanism, etc., to play a higher speed performance than the original loom.

High grade

Through strong frame structure, strengthened let off and shortened warp path before weaving, beating up performance is greatly improved and high density manufacturing is realized.

Good operability

Aj9700 is developed for easy operation. The position line of warp is reduced and the operation is improved.

Improve versatility

By shortening the warp path of the fabric before weaving, it is possible to weave stably with higher density. From fine count yarn to coarse count yarn, from narrow width to wide width and even unbalanced weave fabric, it is expected to be able to cope with a wider range of weaving products.

By shortening the nozzle spacing, the difference of weft insertion state between the first nozzle and the second nozzle is very small, even if the loom runs at high speed, it can achieve uniform weft insertion.

Reasons for recommendation:

1. Adopt the integrated board, optimize the design of the frame than aj379, make the frame more stable, high efficiency and better fabric quality;
2. The optimized beating up design makes the beating up more powerful and suitable for high-density and high-speed fabrics;
3. The designed maximum speed can reach 1400rpm;
4. Take 75D fabric as an example, the highest weft density can reach 82 Shuttle / cm (208 pieces per inch)
5. Adopt eccentric rocker structure to reduce beating up vibration

Technical parameters:

1. nominal Reed: 150170190210230280300320340360
2. effective door width: 0 ~ -500mm (standard); 0 ~ -700mm (optional)
3. number of nozzles: single spray, double spray, three spray, four spray
4. opening mode: flat opening, cam opening, multi arm opening, big jacquard
5. beating method: four connecting rod weft (standard is to strengthen solid weft axis, and six connecting rod is selected for weft beating)
6. scissors and optical exploration: mechanical ceramic scissors; photoelectric weft detector
7. diameter of pan head: ∮ 800mm, ∮ 1000mm (optional)

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