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Aj379b series water jet loom
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Aj379b series water jet loom


Aj379b series water jet loom is a high-quality water jet loom developed to improve the adaptability of weaving products and reduce the investment cost. Its weaving range is from ordinary fabrics to heavy and high value-added fabrics. One machine can meet various needs.

The strong and tough frame structure specially developed by our company can make the machine run stably, reduce the vibration of the machine when running at high speed, so as to achieve more stable machine operation and improve the quality of fabric.


Eccentric beating can greatly improve the beating force. Different width, the eccentric quantity can be adjusted appropriately to ensure the reliability of weft beating. The higher beating force can better weave the higher weft density fabric.

Economic type

Standard distribution spindle motor can save at least 8% - 25% power compared with ordinary motor. Faster speed, higher efficiency, can steadily improve the output; better adaptability, high tension, high weft density can easily control; more stable frame, greatly reduce the wear of parts.

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