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Aj379a series water jet loom
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Aj379a series water jet loom


Main features:

Strong frame structure: the independent box frame with high rigidity on both sides can reduce the vibration during high-speed operation, and further stable weft insertion and beating motion can be realized due to the reduction of vibration, so as to ensure the high-grade fabric. The main driving part is arranged in the oil bath environment, so further stable high-speed operation is realized.

High speed medium leisurely weft insertion: through the improvement of beating up curve, the flying angle of weft yarn is increased, so that the weft insertion of various specifications of chemical fiber raw materials is more stable, the phenomenon of opening and warp tension instability is greatly improved, and high quality differential fabric can be made.

Stable operation: due to the use of strong frame structure and high rigid let off and take-up mechanism, the loom operates more stably, and the weaving range is greatly expanded from light and thin fabrics to medium and thick fabrics, and from low density fabrics to high density fabrics. Even when weaving fabrics with complex weave and unbalanced opening, the vibration is controlled to be very slight and stable It's the right weaving.

The optimized four-bar beating up structure of aj379a wallboard frame is designed. The beating up structure has smooth movement, minimal vibration, and is most suitable for weaving requirements, which can make the structure durable.

Aj379a adopts more reasonable plunger, softer and more stable. The weft insertion structure, pump spring, nozzle and column type one-way valve are improved to make weft insertion more convenient and prolong the service life of water pump.

Aj379a has designed a higher following tension system to reduce customers' worry about fabric hidden stop. The broken warp of fragile warp yarn is reduced, the opening is clearer and the fabric quality is higher. Warp stabilizer makes weaving of high tension and high weft density fabric more stable.

Aj379a has designed a stronger fabric mouth support structure and a more tensile and anti slip take-up roller structure. The stable fabric opening not only reduces the production of various cloth covers, but also makes the high tension and high weft density fabric easier to weave.

Main parameters:

Options: mechanical let off, mechanical coiling, electronic let off, electronic coiling

Optional: 1-6 electronic weft selection

Configuration: crank opening, cam opening, dobby opening and jacquard device

Optional width: 135150170190210230260280300320340360cm

Weft density range: 4-100 pieces / cm (determined according to the actual warp and weft yarn specifications and fabric weave)

Design maximum speed: 1100 RPM (determined according to actual warp and weft yarn specifications and fabric weave)

Number of heald frames: 2-8 crank openings, 2-14 cam openings and 16 dobby openings

Installed power: 1.5kw-5.4kw

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