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Aj736 series water jet loom
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Aj736 series water jet loom


Main features:

Aj736 series heavy weight water jet loom is based on aj721 series standard water jet loom. The main moving parts and frame mechanism are redesigned. The beating up, let off and take-up mechanisms are improved. The let off auxiliary device is added to make the whole loom run more smoothly, reduce the vibration and noise in loom operation, and improve the loom operation efficiency And expanded the range of weaving products.

Aj736 has designed a stronger fabric mouth support structure and a more tensile and anti slip take-up roller structure. The stable fabric opening not only reduces the production of various cloth covers, but also makes the high tension and high weft density fabric easier to weave.

Main parameters:

Options: mechanical let off, mechanical coiling, electronic let off, electronic coiling

Optional: RDP mechanical length measurement, 1-6 jet electronic free weft selection

Configuration: crank opening, cam opening, dobby opening and jacquard device

Optional width: 135150170190210230260280300320340360cm

Weft density range: 4-100 pieces / cm (determined according to the actual warp and weft yarn specifications and fabric weave)

Design maximum speed: 900 RPM (determined according to actual warp and weft yarn specifications and fabric weave)

Number of heald frames: 2-8 crank openings, 2-14 cam openings and 16 dobby openings

Installed power: 1.5kw-5.4kw

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