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Aj960 series air jet loom
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Aj960 series air jet loom


Main features:

1. Aj960 air jet loom is compact in design and easy to operate.

2. The beating up mechanism adopts eccentric beating up shaft structure, which has large beating up force and small vibration, and is suitable for high-speed weaving and high-density weaving.

3. The auxiliary jet adopts one drag two structure to reduce the injection time of the nozzle, and further reduce the air consumption by precisely controlling the injection time of the nozzle.

4. The narrow loom adopts 4-link beating up, which is suitable for high speed weaving; the wide loom adopts 6-link beating up, which increases the weft insertion time, so that the weft can be accelerated under low pressure without breaking the weft, so as to realize stable weaving.

5. Electronic let off and electronic take-up are adopted, with the functions of automatic weft finding, eliminating stop stop and variable weft density weaving.

6. Opening form, optional crank opening, lower cam, lower dobby and jacquard opening.

Let off electronic device

The total warp tension is detected by the tension sensor. The CPU processes the warp tension changes caused by the opening or the change of the let off, let off and the winding diameter of the warp shaft, and instructs the servo motor to drive the warp shaft, so as to maintain the balanced tension in the working process, eliminate the secret driving gear, and ensure the balanced and smooth fabric. By using rigid frame, large diameter warp shaft gear and oil bath type positive loosing drive shaft, the loom can further realize high speed and more sensitive to meet the weaving requirements of high-density fabrics.

Crimping device

Mechanical continuous coiling and electronic coiling are adopted. Combined with the electronic let off, it is very effective to prevent parking through accurate forward and reverse rotation.

Double probe weft detector

The weft detector adopts the double probe mode, which can detect not only the normal short weft or bent weft, but also the phenomenon of weft being blown short or long, so as to ensure that there is no mistake.

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