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Operation of drop system of water jet loom

Issuing time:2018-04-28 14:22

When the fabric is woven to a predetermined length, the fabric is cut off from the water-jet loom for unloading.

This work should be started when the green light of the tower bar indicator light is on.


·The operation must be started until the water jet loom stops.

·When removing the roll, it should be noted that the hands and feet should not be clamped between the roller and the ground.

(1) Confirm whether the water-jet loom has stopped.

When the water-jet loom is still in continuous operation, the stop button should be pressed to stop the loom.

(2) Cut the fabric with the specified tool.

(3) Release the right grip handle 1 and pull it down to your side. Roll 2 can be in a loose state.

(4) Pull the roll 2 out of the front side of the fabric.

(5) Fix the cut cloth roller in the specified way to prevent the fabric from loosening.

(6) Remove the roll.

(7) Please take down the removed cloth roller by the person in charge of handling.

(8) Press reset button 4 of the automatic counter and the display of the counter will return to < 0 >.

(9) Secure the new roll to the left roller guide 3.

(10) Push the right grip handle 1 up and tighten it. The new roll can be fixed.

(11) Wait for the fabric to drop to the winding position of the new roll.

(12) Wet the roll and fabric with water and roll the fabric on the roller. At this time, the ends of the fabric should be aligned and the fabric tightened.

(13) Roll several turns of fabric to the top of the roll, and then install and press the roll.

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